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RED COLUMN: The Law is the Law

By: James M. Kanalley, Jr. The law is the law! If these illegal immigrants choose to cross our border and ...


By: James M. Kanalley, Jr.

The law is the law! If these illegal immigrants choose to cross our border and violate our nation’s sovereignty, they deserve to be tried and prosecuted under the full extent of our laws. We are the home of the brave, land of the free and we all came here through the proper and legal channels. We did not invade the United States and attempt to reap the benefits of this fine nation by ignoring a select number of laws for our favor. We took the time and weighed through all the red tape of bureaucracy to become citizens and naturalized within this nation, legally!

Should parents and children be separated? If that is the law and has been for a decade or longer then why not enforce it!? We support all of our government agencies and their employees 100%. They and President Trump shouldn’t and cannot be at fault for simply doing their jobs. Only now that there is outrage and the mockingbird main stream media has condemned these actions, have the people ‘decided’ that this issue is pressing and action must be taken now to not separate families who illegally entered the United States.

I see President Trump changing the law as a failure of commitment, he didn’t sign the law into action but his predecessors who did, did not receive the blame they so rightly deserved. Oh so too common now a days, will the American people and MSM have select amnesia and blame all that has been enacted or done prior to the election is now the fault of our current president, President Trump.

I would like the readers to review the presidency of President Obama and how he gave the direct orders for the drone killing of American citizens in foreign countries. We are a country of due process and for such egregious acts to be committed without the slightest slap on the wrist or whimper of discontent from the MSM shows that they are not only lapdogs to power but that they were complicit in crimes that have been far less than what President Trump has committed.

They say those that fail to study the past are doomed to repeat it and I can assure you, we are doomed to repeat countless other horrific acts under President Trump from the failure to learn from presidents past.