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A chant rings forth, like a roaring engine. As the banners of old dropped as you hear, “Excision!”

By: Richard L. Polley II

A chant rings forth, like a roaring engine. As the banners of old dropped as you hear, “Excision!”

Like a war machine preparing to activate the stage lights up, the bass shreds though your clothes and rubbles the air waves in your chest.

Jeff Abel known as Excision is a DJ out of Kelowna, Canada. He is revered as the leader of dubstep, easily described as the most metal or hardcore sub-genre of EDM. He is known for his loud deep bass frequencies and stage production.

When it comes to on stage performance Excision is like no other, a LED curved wall stands behind him and beneath his equipment a LED screen. Seamlessly the two screens match up using 3-D mapping of video and images that brings the show to life, like never before. His music flows perfectly with the displays on the LED screens and every sound has an equal visual interpretation.

Excision also brings a wallop of sound, 500,000 watts of PK Sound that will blow you away.

Not only does Excision tour, he has his own dinosaur themed music festival, Lost Lands Music Festival.  Lost Lands will take place on Friday September 14th though the 16th at Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio. This year he will be boosting the festival to one million watts of PK Sound.

Excision even has a multimillion dollar side project called Destroid, with Downlink and Pendulum drummer, KJ Sawka. The three of them wear extraterrestrial suites that have unique abilities and the DJs have instruments like no other. The two use DJ pad looking devices that are in the shape of a guitar. It is very rare that Destroid comes out for a concert, but they made an appearance at Lost Lands last year and are expected to once again this year. 

If you are interested in seeing Excision but missed out, we suggest checking out Datsik on March 30th at Buffalo River Works. He will also be supporting PK Sound on his Ninja Nation tour that also seems to have a 3-D mapping experience similar to Excision.