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By Staff Writer If you have never heard of the phrase “Grabbing the third rail,” it is typically used in ...

By Staff Writer

If you have never heard of the phrase “Grabbing the third rail,” it is typically used in political circles as a comparison to any change in Social Security and your untimely political death that will come after you touch Social Security. Enacting any form of a universal basic income or welfare taxation system, you’ll be grabbing the third rail with both hands.

Any implementation of a welfare taxation system bill into law would disband Social Security, which is a system every citizen pays into that is divided up amongst the current elderly. This is a major issue that America is facing, worsening day by day as the baby boomers retire in droves. This labor offset will cause the elderly to not be able to live off of their social security checks alone like their forefather and mothers could. With this change, the elderly will have paid into something their whole lives and not receive it themselves. Most likely they would receive more money under the current system than this change to the left. Just wait, watch and you will see the elderly parachuting down from AARP warplanes in opposition.

What the left wants to do here is drain the cash pooling systems that they have so vigorously fought for and disburse it. The current system is by far not perfect, but people rely on an exact dollar amount weekly. Current changes in healthcare are not even close to the level of destruction floated by this idea, if any new legislation of this magnitude is passed millions of Americans may be on the streets or starve.

The disbursement of our pooling systems would cause only a drop of water to be given to each citizen. If you keep the pooling system together each drop is worth ten times what it would be on its own.

A welfare taxation system allows new wolves into private markets aiming to make profit, not help people. Without Medicare or Medicaid locked in as our nation’s competitive standard, private industries no longer have to worry about being undersold, and can raise prices as their profit margins see fit. If you haven’t noticed, this nation already has major issues with healthcare coverage and pharmaceutical costs.

This change towards a welfare taxation system would additionally cause patients with preexisting conditions to become uninsured. The only way healthcare companies would agree to take on riskier patients is if they are forced upon them in a package deal. You either pool these people together with everyone or leave them to face the wolves on their own.