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Dream Spectrum

By: Katy Siwirski You hear the electric guitar fire up, and feel the fire within you flare! Shredding melodies of pure ...


By: Katy Siwirski

You hear the electric guitar fire up, and feel the fire within you flare! Shredding melodies of pure progression, along with blends of classic rock, metal, and jazz fill your soul. The sound of psychedelic melodies and raw instrumentals fill the room; you’re left in awe as you’re embraced with the glory of Dream Spectrum.

Dream Spectrum is an instrumental hard rock quartet from Buffalo, New York. The band consists of lead guitarist Sam Osmond, rhythm guitarist Todd Glosser, bassist Alex Braun, and drummer Jake Schoenle. Braun and Schoenle created the band in late 2013, bringing Osmond on in early 2014. The band was complete in March 2015, with the joining of Glosser. The overall sound is influenced by members’ experiences with musical experimentation from an earlier time in their lives. Schoenle took lessons with Damone Jackson to add to his experience of styles. Braun studies music at Villa Maria College, and has experience with multiple groups throughout Buffalo, NY. Glosser had collaborated with Osmond on previous projects, and provided a feeling of fullness and completeness to the band. Osmond is the composer of most of the band’s music, and has added a distinct sound to the band. Together, these fine young men produce a sound unlike anything else I have experienced.

Their song “Lost and Found” opens with a synthetic drum beat, combined with a catchy guitar riff. This builds for about 30 seconds, until the songs breaks down into a progression of the combined instruments. The guitar riff continues into a rhythmic array of progressive metal, combining the power of the drums with the psychedelic sounds of the strings. The song slows down into a catchy breakdown of shredding and melody. This slower pace keeps around for a bit, and transitions into a reflection of what reminds me of an 80’s love song. Schoenle’s drums brings the band back together into a feeling of classic rock, combined with the power of unity and harmony. Osmond’s melody is in control of the show, while Glosser, Braun, and Schoenle balance out the sound with rhythmic beats. This continues for a couple more minutes, before the song comes to a close with a powerful eruption. Overall, Dream Spectrum is exploding the local music scene with their powerful riffs and soothing rhythms. Keep a look out for their next local performance. They will be performing the Musikfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on Friday, August 3rd. Remember to support your local artists, they need their fans in order to make it to the big times.