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Double Decker Trouble

By: Abdulrahman Al Sammarraie Buffalo now has a touch of London in the streets. On Tuesday, motorists, bicyclists and onlookers gazed at ...

By: Abdulrahman Al Sammarraie

Buffalo now has a touch of London in the streets.

On Tuesday, motorists, bicyclists and onlookers gazed at the sight of a massive red double-decker bus making its inaugural trip from the Outer Harbor. The nearly 50 riders on the maiden trip came courtesy of Buffalo Underground, a meet-up group organized by Melanie Chimento of Orchard Park.

The bus offers five different history based tours and two create your own tour options. The 90-minute “Canalside Tour” and the two-hour “Best of Buffalo Double Decker Tour” includes admission to the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park, and historical information like how Buffalo got it’s name.

In the “Murder mystery tour” you will meet the murder suspects, listen to testimonies, ask your own questions and solve this humor filled mystery. You can also join your slightly tipsy tour guide on a comedic journey to the three local watering holes with the “Drunk Buffalo Tour.” Visit the best taverns, bars and craft brewers in the Buffalo area. These tours tell the story of beer, brewing and prohibition in Buffalo.

When a Double Decker Bus passes you by in the streets of Buffalo with letters written on the sides in black and white striping, with “Sightseeing Tours, Murder Mysteries and Tavern Tours” in smaller letters, you will definitely not miss it.

“The bus in and of itself is an attraction. It’s just cool,” said Joel Dombrowski, the tour guide and the Owner of Buffalo Double Decker Bus Tours, “We’re all about story telling. Good story telling. Everything is based upon serious scholarship but we surround the facts with humor. Who wants to be lectured?”

Dombrowski shared that this idea has been in the works for years and years. He said, “The germ of this idea happened when I was in college. I did a semester abroad in England and I was able to ride a double decker bus in England, Manchester which is the Buffalo of England, trust me, and I fell in love with it!”

Daytime tours start at 235 Fuhrmann Blvd. which is a parking lot located 500 yards south of the entrance to Wilkeson Pointe, parking is free. The bus will leave from Wilkeson Pointe, drive over to Canalside and then into the downtown area, before returning over the Skyway to the Outer Harbor.

The five tours offered like the “Historic Tavern Tour” will be offered Thursdays, “Drunk Buffalo Tour” on Fridays, “Murder Mystery – A Double Decker Death” aboard the bus on Saturdays, “Best of Buffalo Tour” and “Canalside Tour ” will be offered daily.

The tours cost $20 for the 90-minute tour, $25 for the two-hour tours (Drunk Buffalo Tour, Historic Tavern) and $30 for the murder mystery tour, which involves four costumed actors.

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