The Collective is a print and online publication comprised of conscientious and informed citizens willing to share their ideas concerns and opinions.  This endeavor empowers diverse groups and driven individual to explore possibilities of peace and prosperity in the world full of violence and poverty. We believe in bridging the gaps and leveling the barriers. Our aim is to gather diverse conversations that matter. Our ultimate objective is to lead a collective of informed, knowledgeable, and proactive communities of opinion makers.

The Collective will be on the front lines creating narrative for a better tomorrow.

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The Collective News is looking for advertisers in our print edition that is distributed monthly within the Buffalo and Western New York area. The magazine is distributed within the area’s local coffee shops, supermarkets, the numerous  branches of the Erie County library system, and many other locations that the reach the young well educated market. Please contact us today at Briann@mybllc.net for more details!

The First Step

By: Faizan Haq

The first edition of The Collective is in your hands. It comes to you after overcoming many challenges. This project was a saga of ambition, relentless hard work, heartfelt efforts amidst obstacles, dedicated loyalties, surprise betrayals, and unprecedented confidence in our vision and capabilities.

The Collective’s aim is to be a contemporary analysts of the news content; historians of the ongoing trends and relevant events. We want to capture the snap shot of historic moments that change reality every hour of the day.

We are envisioning a new world that requires breaking trends, shattering molds and building new foundations with the ruble. The rest you leave for others to analyze. The Collective is looking for new perspective, expressions and imagery. If you have that edge you please contact us. We are looking for talent that will lead the way. The Collective is looking for new thought leaders who will help us build an inclusive vision for the future of America.

♦Our Team♦

Editor-in-Chief   Faizan Haq                                       Executive Editor  Maribel Avila              Managing Editor  Damion Townsend-Baldwin

Copy Editor   Alexander Jasinski                                 Community Editors   Khawla Asif Qureshi  &  Husnah Mahmood

Circulation Manager Tahir Mahmood    Graphic Design  Katy Siwirski  SunSpin Media                       PhotographerDain Kim SunSpin Media


Contributors  Umar Azam, Cari Herley, Marco Notaro, Paul Wolf, esq. Amy Smith, Matt Issent, Sara Salamullah, Alberto O. Cappas, Craig Kline, Samantha Lee Thoms, Britney Johnson, JoAnn Smith, James M. Kanalley, Jr. , Oliver Clarke, Jennifer Miner, Clara Miller, Matt Cerhan-Higgins, Mike Powell, Benjamin Blanchet, Lisa Battaglia, Mike Heubusch, Daniel Azzinaro, Gul Rahman, Bridget Fallon, Aisha Mohammad-Swam , Naila Sahar, Maris Lambie, Brett Williams, Maegan Jones, Schondra Aytch, Joshua Z. Seaborn II, Daniel Petrino, Alex Bornemisza, Meghan McClelland, Brittany Friedel, Carsten Schertzer, Patrick Koster, Michael B. Berger esq. , Adela Smehlik, Karl-Ludwig Poggemann, Elvert Barnes, Abdulrahman Al Sammarraie, Alec Rosati-Hohensee, Taylor M. Haines, Umar Azam

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